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How can I become a publisher?

Just click on "Ad Network or URL Shortener" button, complete the form and verify your account. Submit your website for approval and paste js codes to your website. That's it! :)

When I will be paid?

W ithdraws are processed within 48h. But it can take up to 5 days.

What are the fees for withdraw?

F ees are up to 0.0001 for BTC payouts. Withdraws on Paypal are without fees for SEPA Countries. If you are not from SEPA area, you will pay Paypal's fee.

What is the minimum amount for withdraw?

M inimum for Bitcoin is $0.1, minimum for Paypal is $2

I will be paid for clicks or for impressions?

Y ou will be paid for both!

Can I ask my users to click on ads?

N O! Users should click on advertisements just because they are interested in.

Can I click my own ads?

N O! If you want to test something, please contact the support team. You can get your account suspended for self clicking!

How can I earn more?

Y ou can use our URL Shortener network and earn for every click on your link!

Live Support

If you didn't find your answer here please feel free to contact us on LiveChat from your account dashboard. If you are using uClick's Ad Network you will find direct messaging system in your sidbar called "Messages"